Cartoons crafted to help you stand out.

Cartoons + You = Crafted1k

Cartoons created to help bring your messages to life, reach more people, and have some fun!  

Why use cartoons?

Cartoons Are Funny

When something is funny, studies show the content is easier for you to recall. This is called the Humor Effect!

People Share Cartoons

Not only do we like to laugh, but we love to laugh WITH others, and #sharing cartoons have never been easier!

Cartoons Work!

Cartoons instantly grab attention, and in that single moment, have the ability to quickly and clearly get your message across.

My Story

Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to visit this page and check out my cartoons. Crafted1k has been a project I’ve thought about doing for years, and in 2018 I figured, “wtf, just do it”. So here we go! 

Cartoons are such a fun and powerful medium to communicate from. They break up the boring and mundane, and really captivate our attention for a moment. They help us think, laugh, and reflect on the message being delivered – THAT is where the power is held.

After being in sales and business development for the past 12 years, one of the most powerful strategies that lead to much of my success has been – being different. I wanted to stand out, not act or look like the “next salesman”, but have the customer get to know me, Dave.

It was that philosophy that helped me create Crafted1k. I use the power of cartoons to help you stand out, look different, and find that next opportunity.

And about the 1k? Learn more about the inspiration for 1k by reading Kevin Kelly’s essay on 1000 True Fans. Check it here.

How can you use cartoons?

Bring humor and engagement to Ads, Presentations, Webinars, Books, and Workshops.

Drive increased attention to your Social and Email Marketing campaigns

Deepen your relationships with your customers by including a character THEY can relate with.

Or just have some fun, because plain text and generic images...well...they just suck.

Cartoons Created

Happy Customers include:

Questions? I have answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yup! I have a collection of over 200+ cartoons I’ve created. Many include quotes around business, sales, marketing, and general life. Shoot me a note below for more info. 

Definitely!!! We can work together to create a character that best fits your style and brand. Contact me when you’re ready!

Absolutely! I work with a handful of clients each month to develop social/email campaigns and continued character development. If you’re interested, use the form below or email me: dave at


Your project + cartoons?